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No require holding a redundant pregnancy use Abortion Pills (MTP Kit)

If you are in your fertile age and engage with your partner without any protection, then it is obvious that you may get pregnant. What happens if the pregnancy is unintended? Every pregnancy is always not desirable or intended. Planned or wanted pregnancy is according to the plan of any couple. However, unwanted pregnancies happen when the couples do not plan for it and in sometimes it happens against the wish of females like in the case of sensual harassment or incest.  When a woman faces an unwanted pregnancy, then it can lead to health risk to both baby and the mother.

Contraception failure can also lead to unwanted pregnancy. Premarital pregnancies are also very common due to lack of knowledge.

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Way to consume MTP Abortion Pills Kit -

One tablet of Mifepristone needs to be ingested orally via mouth with the help of water on the first day to induce abortion. After 2 days, other four pills of Misoprostol need to be taken in a single dose either via oral route or by vaginal route. If you consider oral route, then you have to place the pills between cheek and gum or under the tongue without chewing.

In case you are comfortable with the vaginal route, then you need to insert the four pills deep into the vagina. Later to two-3 weeks, visit a healthcare provider for the verification of complete abortion with medical examinations.

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No require holding a redundant pregnancy use Abortion Pills (MTP Kit)
 Working of MTP kit Abortion Pills-

Being a progesterone antagonist, Mifepristone blocks the action of progesterone hormone and since progesterone is an essential hormone for pregnancy, so its inhibition will lead to the end of pregnancy. Pregnancy generally ends when endometrium lining detaches and the growing fetus is fragmented.

Now this ended pregnancy needs to be eliminated out from the body for which the Misoprostol pills work to contract the uterus and widen the cervix opening for the elimination of abortion contents in the form of vaginal bleeding containing blood clots.

While using MTP kit, a woman may suffer from some unexpected responses including back pain, drowsiness, headache, nausea, abdominal cramps, mood changes, and vaginal bleeding.

Cramps and bleeding are generally more than menstrual ones but the intensity of all the effects depends on your pregnancy duration. Therefore, you have to eat a nutritious diet and relax your body to have a speedy recovery. Avoid the use of smoking and alcoholic beverages or the side effects will aggravate.

Laborious activities and sensual activities are usually not advised when you are undergoing an abortion because of the risk of pain, infection, and pregnancy. 

Use of MTP kit is not suggested under certain circumstances of ectopic pregnancy, placed IUD (intrauterine device), age below than 18 years, breastfeeding, and over sensitivity towards any constituent of MTP kit.

If you are a patient of any medical condition related to blood pressure, heart, bleeding, liver, or kidney, then you should not have to take MTP kit.

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