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Induce an Abortion of unacceptable fetus by taking Mifepristone and Misoprostol Pills

Lucy had never wondered whether an abortion was right for her. However, she knew that it was right from the bottom of her heart. She was in the middle of a fight with her husband. She was almost at the edge of getting away from her husband and had filed for divorce. Her man was the abusive one and when she left him this was the best feeling for her.

However, she was shocked when she came to know about her pregnancy. She was heartbroken, depressed, and sad. She was just in her high school, with no job, no money, and no support system. Her dream to settle with her children shattered. Even the thought to have a child with the man she did not trust and a man who feared her was not a good decision.

She knew she was taking the right step of an Abortion with Mifepristone Pills. If she would have gone with the pregnancy then it would have many repercussions and it would bring more difficulty for her children. She thanked Mifepristone Pills for safe abortion. After her abortion, she made a promise to herself that as she will be financially strong, she will find a guy with whom she will have children. She will prove that she is a strong, loving, and supportive mother.
These pills are used in those cases where a woman does not want to carry her gestation due to one or other reason. Just remember to have an abortion at earliest before 7 weeks, as any delay will cause hindrance in your abortion step.

Progesterone hormone is released in our body and that sustains the fetus life by transferring the nutrition towards the fetus. This nourishes the fetus and keeps it alive. Mifepristone an abortion pill given will render this nutrient supply and so leads to the death of the fetus.
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Use Mifepristone Abortion Pill to Eliminate Unwanted Pregnancy

Dosage recommendation to follow:

If you have decided for an abortion then swallow three tablets of Mifepristone, each 200 mg with good water. Take it only via orally.
Then wait for two days, if abortion happens then verify it by ultrasound

OR If abortion does not happen then ingest two tablets of Misoprostol each 200 mcg with water. Take it only through orally or you can also use it vaginally.
Again, wait for two days to verify your abortion.

Points that are to be contraindicated: Follow below conditions:

•    DO NEVER consume this medicine when you have any allergy with its contents.
•    DO NEVER consume this medicine when you have an ectopic gestation.
•    DO NEVER consume this medicine when you have bleeding disorder or porphyria.
•    DO NEVER consume this medicine when you are using corticosteroids.

Safety precautionary measures you have to keep following always:

•    Take out your IUD's if inside before carrying an abortion.
•    Grapefruit juice will interact and worsen the effects so avoid those.
•    Alcohol will interact and bring sick effects so shun its use.
•    If dizzy feeling appears then prevent work that is difficult.
•    Use healthy diet to improve your health.

Some SICK EFFECTS that begin after the usage of this medicine are as Vaginal Bleeding, Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness, Stomach Upset, Abdominal Pain, and Vaginal Cramps.

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